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Congratulations – For taking the next big step for multiplying your business!
We assure you that we will prove to be your winning trump card!!

That’s because, we consider that every website / business is unique through the way you approach their business, the way you target your audience, your best practices. They suit the best for you and they are meant to be yours! We conceive each business into various details that can be optimized to maximize the traffic and further the conversions.
Instead of working to re-engineer your internet marketing strategies, we evolve the quickest way to acquire the market share in the shortest possible time while staying focused on your website, business and your target audience. Our free website analysis shall throw light on:
• Extensive keyword research and its impact on your market share
• What your competitors are doing online
• Pit falls in your internet marketing strategies
• What to do and how to do in your internet marketing promotions and campaigns
• Organic and scientific approach to be on first page SERP

With our collective website analysis you shall re structure you promotional and marketing activities that suits best for you. We consider that no two businesses can work the same way to target the same audience. Hence we customize optimization and digital marketing strategies that can address different elements of your business to meet your requirements. We also undertake reprocessing task for ongoing marketing campaigns to produce a competitive analysis.

Some of the elements which our competitive analysis details that can impact your rank in search engines:
• Keyword Analysis: Competitive research on keywords based on human search behavior, keyword effectiveness, current ranks and scope for further discovery
• Optimization issues related to on-page Elements: Title, Description, Headings Tags, Alt tags, Meta tags, Content relevancy, Flow of contents, analysis of designing elements, linking strategy etc.
• Back Links: No of Links from relevant sites and effectiveness, presence of dead links, popularity of current links.
• Content Analysis: Originality, creativity, relevancy, keyword density etc
• Online presence and Social Media: blogs, forums, RSS, PR, Facebook, Articles, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc

We append our recommendations to improve your website through organic and scientific approaches that shall suit you better and to achieve top ranking across search engines, maximum visibility in social media channels and establish brand identity.

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