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Social Media Marketing services in Mumbai

We have had clients who are skeptical about social media. We broke their hesitation and successfully run Social media marketing campaigns as part of our digital marketing strategy to increase a major chunk of web traffic to their website from social media websites. We have paved way to get intimate connection with their customers through social media sites. In addition they have enjoyed increased sale and steep increase in ROI.

Our social media marketing practices include Facebook Advertising, Twitter Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and online video promotions. We create engaging and captivating promotional videos that portray your business and advertise them across social media.

We shall position your corporate image at the forefront of this opportunity. Our marketing strategies shall

Be in touch with your customers on social media websites where they spend most of the time
Behaviorally profile your customers
Ideate, search keyword, visually represent your brand in a captivating way
Help you reach your goal at the lowest possible rate

Why Galagali?

We ensure that your website, web profile, social media pages representing your business and your contact details are social media ready for increasing web traffic and further conversion
We create an engaging campaign and targeting ad copy
We periodically monitor the social media campaign to enhance the current campaign or evolve a new strategy based on the generated web traffic
By generating original content, we create a scope for viral marketing
We offer Social Media Marketing Service as we feel that it plays a major role in the success of online marketing campaign. Our social media marketing service is cost-effective and enables the website to hit the target audience globally. Today social media marketing has become an important tool for the promotion of products and services. We offer this valuable service to generate traffic and increase revenue of various business organizations in Mumbai, India.
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