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Web analytics services in Mumbai

is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.

Geo targeting in geo marketing and internet marketing is the method of determining the geo location of a website visitor.

We listen to our clients!

Galagali Multimedia understands that every client has unique and crucial requirements, and a static SEO or SMO solution does not work for all of the customers. Hence our web analytics experts collect data and analyze them to design a new strategy for future internet marketing or advertising campaigns. Along with web analytics, we offer Geo Marketing to our clients. By knowing Geographical location of your customers, you shall

Understand and measure the goals of your website
Understand the modern trends in trade
Reorganize the retail type
Save time and money
Supervise the number of visitors from different location through email marketing, PPC,etc
Meet your customers requirements and build online revenue

Our Web analyzers and geo marketing experts have evolved practices that help our clients

Measure the traffic after their campaign
Collect the data like the number of visitors, page views, geographic location of the customers, etc
Analyze the collected data to assess the traffic and popularity trend
Understand, measure and develop goals for their website
Save time and money as we enable comprehensive monitoring through email marketing, pay per click advertising, and other relevant internet marketing tools
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